The Asian tsunami on the 26th December 2004 killed over 40,000 people in Sri Lanka. Thousands of those missing were never recovered. Many of the small, coastal villages in southern and eastern Sri Lanka were completely destroyed.

Over a million people were left homeless. Thousands were destitute. "Rebuilding Sri Lanka" has been active since the day of the disaster and we continue to provide support, rehabilitation, nutrition, education and shelter to those affected by the disaster.

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Year 12 of our work in Sri Lanka!

2016! Year 12 of our work in Sri Lanka!!!! 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported our work so far.


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RSL are proud to announce that at the end of 2014 once again over 95% of all our donors’ money has been spent exactly how and where they intended when they donated it. It has gone directly to benefit the people in Sri Lanka affected by extreme poverty, conflict,  disaster, homelessness, prejudice, poor educational facilities, neglect and  hunger. The RSL educational facilities go from strength to strength, in particular our nine libraries. We now have enrolled over 13,500 members countrywide.

Rebuilding Sri Lanka is now in the 11th year of  development work. It is impossible to do this work without the help and generosity of our  donors and RSL would like to thank you all so much for your ongoing support and kindness.

And a special thanks to the RSL team in Sri Lanka for all their hard work, dedication and commitment.



Rebuilding Sri Lanka was founded by a group of  individuals and families who were staying in Sri Lanka at the time of the  tsunami in 2004. We are united by a love  of Sri Lanka and its people and a desire to help Sri Lankans to re-establish their lives and have access to improved educational resources.

RSL is a UK registered charity – number 1109622. We  have received donations from friends and families around the world. Many  individuals, schools, businesses and clubs have generously given their time and  money to our appeal. To date the amount is GBP 1,700,000!!! Any further  donations will be very gratefully received. OUR APPEAL IS STILL OPEN.  The need for help is still extremely important.

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A Special Thank you

Rebuilding Sri Lanka would like to thank the many 'Unsung Heroes' who have worked so hard behind he scenes.